We hack – to protect you!

Rootsektor IT-Security is a partner of Omrex GmbH

Through professional penetration tests Rootsektor IT-Security shows you specific attack points that criminal hackers exploit to penetrate your company network.

The challenge: digitization enables new points of attack

More and more companies are offering their services via the internet. This has the advantage that the internal processes can be simplified or automated, the response time to customer requests can be minimized and the services are accessible to a wider customer base. However at the same time the attack possibilities for hackers are also increasing. Many companies simply lose track of the security of their systems in the process of digitizing their company or neglect this aspect in the implementation of software projects. This happens not only to companies that are new to the IT industry, but also to the established ones.

The solution: uncover the own vulnerabilities as a penetration tester

A penetration test helps to restore an overview of the IT security of your own services and to check whether your own company is adequately protected against attacks. The penetration tester uses the methods of hackers to check the security of the company. Typical attack targets are all the services the company provides on the internet, such as web- or mail servers. The challenge of penetration testers is, that they need to be much more thoroughly than attackers, because on one hand they have to produce a detailed report and on the other hand find as much vulnerability as possible. This requires proceeding like a hacker and detecting vulnerabilities in his way. In addition, a professional penetration test requires a common thread to avoid the usual pitfalls of practice. In addition, different software can be used to support security testing.

What is a penetration test

Penetration testing (pen tests) is a test of all system components and applications of a network and software system for security. Experienced IT security consultants use the methodology of an attacker (ugs. hackers) into critical system areas.

The penetration tests require consultation, preparation, planning of test procedures and objectives, as well as the selection of possible tools. This distinguishes penetration testing from simple vulnerability scans.

Your IT infrastructure is permanently exposed to security attacks. This makes you vulnerable to dangers that may not be apparent yet. Industrial and economic espionage is more ubiquitous than ever before. As a company you need your systems to work and not be exposed to risks. However, the complexity of your structures does not sufficiently reveal your own risk.

Penetration tests are carried out so you can protect yourself sufficiently and critically assess your weaknesses. In a transparent process, we evaluate the security situation of your IT infrastructure and give you concrete recommendations for action.

The expertise and experience of our IT security consultants help you to assess and minimize your risks.

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