Let’s become a partner!

OMREX exclusively supports system houses, specialist dealers and other professional sales partners in the business environment, for selected telecommunications providers and IT manufacturers

If your system house or sales organization primarily serves corporate customers, we should become partners.

As a sales partner, we offer you the following advantages:

  • special price, marketing and certification advantages when purchasing from the OMREX Verbund, for example for products from Lancom Systems, Fluxport, Fenotek and Centerdevice
  • a highly interesting commission system for the telecommunications solutions of
    • Unitymedia Business
    • Vodafone Mobile, Landline and Special Products
    • Deutsch Glasfaser
    • Mnet
  • fast and smooth connection of your corporate customers
  • very good purchase prices for the products of our Harware partners
  • Support in the acquisition/approach of (new) customers – e.g. by passing on customer enquiries to our active and close partners
  • professional project management with filialized customers
  • personal support by the OMREX Account Managers and the respective carriers/manufacturers
  • a regular training program for you and your employees, both on the product side and in sales,

Through our partnership and complementary services, you can advise your customers more specifically and comprehensively, “get the best out” for your customers and simplify the processing with the carriers and IT hardware production!

If you are interested in working together, please call us:

Infoline: +49 211-93673775

Or leave us a message in the contact form for sales partners: Contact