Expertise from planning to realisation & operation

  • Own dedicated and telco/ IT experienced project management
  • Regional account -/ service managers
  • Experienced system and network technicians

National coverage and on-site presence

  • Nationwide presence of more than 200+ IT system house partners, of which are 40 close IT service partners
  • Central, integrated project -/ service control for access, installation and operation (motto: “connectivity control”)

“Build & Operate” models according to customer requirements

  • At customer’s request, we act as a general contractor
  • SLA -/ OLA based operations, separated according to rolemodel (operation, malfunction, replacement/ maintenance), adaptation to the operating model of the customer
  • Combined central-decentralized model for customer care, service and billing

Following the motto “we deliver telecommunication”, OMREX manages together with its subsidiary SOXSIS and more than 200 affiliated IT-system houses medium-sized companies, corporations, municipalities and branch offices across Germany and partly in Europe. The core business areas are SD-WAN, SD-WLAN, SD-Security, professional internet and landline connectivity, mobile telecommunications, as well as rollout of IT infrastructures and IT service.

Most of our employees have between 10 and 25 years of industry experience and previously worked in management or as a management consultant for major telecommunications providers such as Telefonica, Vodafone, Unitymedia and Nokia Siemens Networks.


  • Official extended distribution arm of “Unitymedia Business” (now Vodafone)
  • Vodafone Enterprise Platinum Partner
  • Vodafone main partner for fibre optic expansion in industrial areas
  • German fibre optics main partner for fibre optic expansion in industrial areas
  • Partner of many regional carriers, such as Mnet, which can often deliver very professional products where the “big ones” are not available
  • Provider of professional internet connections, MPLS networks and mobile solutions from a single source to medium-sized companies, corporations, municipalities, chain stores and even smaller regional companies throughout Germany and partly in Europe.

For you this means, we do not only take care of your IT infrastructure but also of the rollout in your branches of internet access, landline services and mobile communication.